SABR - New York City



06/16/14 - The Museum of the City of New York invites all SABR members (at a discount) to their June 25th, 2014 event, New Yorkers and Baseball: A Book Talk.

The 6:30 pm discussion will include noted authors George Vecsey, Kevin Baker, Stefan Fatsis and Lee Gutkind – all contributors to the new anthology For the Love of Baseball: A Celebration of the Game of the Game that Connects Us All.

Besides discussing the fascinating history of baseball in New York, the speakers will share why the drama, romance, and lasting traditions of baseball make it the best sport to write about.

In addition to the speaking event, there will be baseball trivia, the book signing, and a reception to follow.

For discounted tickets, SABR members can enter the special code 6BBLOV25 and receive $10 tickets (regular tickets are $16 per person). Order tickets online here or call 917-492-3395.

The collection of essays, according to co-editor Mr. Gutkind, represents "the connective tissue" of the game from the mitts to the stadiums that collectively constitute a common nostalgia for the way baseball was, and always should be. [E. Begley]


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