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Member News: Rob Fitts is bringing Masanori Murakami to the US this summer to celebrate the 50th anniversary of him becoming Japan's first Major Leaguer. Murakami has booked appearances to promote his biography as well -- he and Fitts will be visiting 9 cites for 14 events, including 2 public events in NYC.

On June 30th they will be giving a talk and book signing at the Barnes & Noble at 86th St and Lexington. On July 1st, they will be doing a meet and greet and an autograph signing at the Bergino Clubhouse. [E. Begley]

Member News: On April 19th, Lou Gehrig and SABR member Marty Appel were inducted as "Larchmont Luminaries", the equivalent of the Larchmont (NY) Hall of Fame by the Larchmont Historical Society. Gehrig lived at 21 N. Chatsworth Avenue, 1934-1940, and Appel was a Larchmont resident from 1986-2003. The organization chose them as the first people from sports so honored, and Appel, who knew Eleanor Gehrig, spoke of Gehrig's career, his battle with ALS, and read his famous 1939 speech to the assembled. Gehrig lived just steps from the Larchmont train station, and was often seen in town, ice skating in winters, or handing out awards at the day camp. Appel coached his son's Little League team to an 0-19 season in 1991 and still blames bad umpiring. He did win a championship with his daughter's softball team, which had better umpiring. Previous honorees include John Barrymore, Mary Pickford, Walter Kerr and Jean Kerr.

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